Harlequin willow tree is an iconic and classical willow sculpture. For more than 15 years Baugaarden Living Art has produced this all time favorite.

The tree is made of living willow sticks which are weaved in a Harlequin pattern. It builds up a beautiful dense crown just after a few months of growth.

It takes 30-40 willow sticks to weave a Harlequin tree. All the sticks are sorted into length and thickness. The large amount of willow sticks give the tree a massive stem and makes it strong and eye catching right from the start.

Over the years the tree becomes a unique and outstanding living sculpture. The crown is trimmed twice every season and gets more and more dense and compact. The original 30-40 willow sticks thickens as the crown grows. After a few seasons the sticks merge where they cross. The Harlequin pattern is still visible but the tree has now turned into a living piece of art.

Harlequin is design protected in the European Union Intellectual Property Office. You can read more about the design protection here.