Tivoli, Copenhagen

At the trade fair Have & Landskab in 2009 Baugaarden introduced themselves to Tivoli for the first time. Here the idea of bespoken willow sculptures was initiated. Heinrich Braun and Tom Knudsen, head of garden in Tivoli, had a meeting in Tivoli where they exchanged thoughts and ideas for the living sculptures. A walk through the old garden gave a lot of input to shapes and positions. It resulted in 20 living sculptures in 5 different designs which was established in the garden.

The designs of the willow sculptures are based on the famous landmarks in Tivoli like the big onion shaped sculpture at the roof of the Nimb restaurant and the characteristic Harlequin pattern which is an integrated part of Tivoli’s visual identity.

The sculptures are integrated in the garden as natural element but is also outstanding individual living art pieces. The living sculptures are present in Tivoli all year even though willow is a deciduous tree.