Hotel Marriott, Copenhagen

A visit to the exhibition at Baugaarden in 2010 initiated a close cooperation between Hotel Marriott and Baugaarden

Since its start the hotel has had problems with the planting at the front of the hotel. Two 30 metres long beds on both sides of the main entrance had an automated irrigation system which provided too much water. The humidity gave the flowers and plants difficult growing conditions. A talk about living willow changed the challenges into advantages.

One willow tree turned into two – and resulted in 16 Harlequin trees – 8 on each side of the main entrance. The solution created much attention because of its beauty and uniqueness. And the humidity problem is now solved. The willow trees now thrive with massive dark green crown.

Baugaarden is very proud of this reference case. The long beds have made it possible to show a large representation of our trees and it is the repetition that catches the human eye and creates the magnificent sight. A single willow tree right beside the main entrance would not have caught the same attention even though it was identical with the 15 other trees.

“It’s the first time our front beds have been successful”

   Torben Straagaard, Hotel Marriott, Copenhagen