The Living Umbrella®

Living willow tree in a decorative setting with flowers

The Living Umbrella® is a unique piece of living art that impresses in any outdoor environment and is an instant eye-catcher.

The beautiful, twisted stem, the artistic weaved top that defines the umbrella shape itself and the large, compact crown that completes the expression and creates a living umbrella.

The willow sculpture is created from long, fresh willow sticks twisted and weaved around an iron stand. The sticks are carefully selected according to lengths and thickness, so that the twisted stem gets an equally aligned and elegant expression.

The twisted stem unfolds into a symmetrically weaved pattern, which will become even more beautiful after 1-2 seasons when the willow sticks grow together where they cross. It gives The Living Umbrella® a magnificent and sculptural look inside the crown and adds another dimension to its beauty.

Willow is a fast-growing plant and by trimming the crown several times during the growing season, a dense and compact crown is created within just a few seasons. It can be shaped in any form so that it matches the surrounding areas and it will provide shade as it will become dense.

The Living Umbrella® is available in stem heights of 160 cm and 195 cm. By the 195 cm stem height a person can stand underneath the crown in the shade even though it is planted directly in the ground.

In addition to being a beautiful and artistic element in any outdoor environment, the willow sculpture also has a practical dimension as the heavy and dense crown creates shade.

The Living Umbrella® is design registered in EU’s and UK’s Intellectual Property Offices (

The twisted stem of a living willow tree