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Seasonal Greetings from Baugaarden Living Art


Seasonal Greetings from Baugaarden Living Art


Seasonal Greetings from Baugaarden Living Art

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Baugaarden Living Art

Welcome to the world of living willow

Baugaarden Living Art creates trees and sculptures made out of living willow.
With respect for nature and with focus on simplicity and elegance Baugaarden Living Art designs beautiful sculptures which turn into masterpieces of living art every spring.

It’s Danish design – simple and elegant – it’s living art founded by nature.

Living willow sculpture 'Sif'

A story about SIF

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Baugaarden Living Art has for more than 15 year worked with living willow and created beautiful trees and magnificent sculptures. They grow and turn into masterpieces of living art. The flexibility of the willow is being challenged when founder Heinrich Braun creates new designs. When the design process is done nature takes control again and the beautiful shapes become living art with big and compact tops.

”I’m fascinated by the fact that you can add a design element into the natural process and in that way create living artwork in cooperation with nature”

Heinrich Braun, designer and CEO

In the exhibition at Baugaarden Living Art in Denmark you will find proof of many years of working with living willow. This plant can grow in cold and wet areas and it has made the trees and sculptures from Baugaarden Living Art attractive elements within urban planning and landscape architecture. In addition to this, the willow is a very good contributor to biodiversity with pollen and nectar and that has created renewed demand for the fast-growing plant.