Vejle municipality

In 2019 Vejle municipality decided to rethink their green city areas. The new strategy resulted in 10 Nordic Palms and 9 custommade willow sculptures made by Baugaarden Living Art. They were presented in large pots and spread out in the city centres of the municipality.

The living willow sculptures were chosen as their shapes and designs comply with the overall goal of the municipality, that is to raise the architectural quality of the city centres.

Lena Månson, landscape architect at Vejle municipality, says: ”We thought it could be interesting to try something new and different and to plant something that lasts throughout the year. Willow is an interesting choice, because it is different from what we normally plant in our pots. The living sculptures are perennials, but they will have different looks all through the seasons of the year”.

Heinrich Braun adds: ”The flexibility of the willow creates a diversity in the design process, but I also have to respect the natural limitations of the living material. It’s in the span between these two extremes that I have created the sculptures for Vejle municipality. Their designs are made with inspiration from the local architecture and history in Vejle”.

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